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Restelo III House

The main area of intervention was the rear part of the house, which was completely redrawn. Searching for a contrast with the main façade, we envisioned a fascia, opened by a series of windows and shutters resembling a pattern of traditional Portuguese tiles. This pattern works like a skin that filters the sun light and also protects the house from intruders. In order to give the top floor more habitable space, we created a mansard roof with three openings. At the ground level we transformed the ground floor in one unique living area, joining together the entrance, the living room and the kitchen. A white volume coated with grate lines, disguises an area of a closet, social toilet and storage. This central core also performs a separation within spaces. We planned for the first floor the private area, where the rooms are located, including a suite. For the attic we idealized the mansard roof to give us the possibility of more livable area. With great view to the garden, is a bed room, a toilet and an office.

Work completed


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